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1. Macro economy: Take everything you've learned about the current crisis in the home building sector; close your eyes and Imagine the same storm in the commercial sector. We follow this closely and we're hearing the noise right now! The people that own commercial properties have all the same problems! What a shame all the Liars on Wall Street aren't talking about it more.
2. The online media space: Spot on, many businesses are off 50% and more. But at the end of the day the Internet takes all!
3. Google: Right now Google is the Internet as far as many people are concerned. It's their's to lose. When we're doing SEO we don't even think about Yahoo or MSN. Vertical integration could save them. Twitter like so many others needs a business model. I think business will advertise on facebook,twitter, etc, but won't sell anything. There all going mobile and thats not good for sales.
8. Apple: will last as long as steve jobs does. I will pray for him.
9. Major brands: I think Google is the Major Brand right now, and thats kind of scary! Anyone with a great website, and some SEO can act and look just like a Major Brand! The first product or business in the consumers mind wins. It's true, Proctor and Gamble have proved this for years. What does that mean now? Maybe the top of the organic listing on Google! Hmmm, Who controls the organic list?
12. Facebook: these companies are all data miners as far as I'm concerned. We talk with Home Improvement contractors constantly, and the ones that do bother to connect with these, soon forget about them. I set up an account on Linkedin, and it was horrible, the worst bunch of self serving spam crap every morning on my email, I shut it down!

When was the last time anyone reading this blog, clicked on an ad on any of these social media sites, and purchased anything? That's the problem at the end of the day, they have lots of kids blabing to their friends and thats about it!
14. Lastly, I promise: Finish your book Dammit, and consider an ad or two in the book, and on the Audio versions, I swear no one would mind! Just keep it short like Hulu.

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I hope we, the small business owners and relying in the web will be the winner in this battle.

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