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» Check Mate: Apple's iPad and Google's Next Move from O'Reilly Radar
Apple's iPad it is an evolutionary device when conventional wisdom suggests that it needs to be a revolutionary device to find a wedge into a market where past efforts have failed. In this instance, conventional wisdom is just plain off base. Read more. [Read More]


Jared in Oklahoma

Mark, your writings are always SO insightful. Your observations (on many diverse fronts) are extremely novel, fresh, and keen.

For one small example, you are one of the few observers I have seen who has picked up on the game-changing potential of one of Apple's more unheralded, under-publicized products (in the financial and gadget-analysts' press), the iPod Touch. Part of the under appreciated-genius of the Touch is its form factor being POCKET-SIZED yet having a relatively generously-sized screen (like when it's tilted sideways for easy document reading), for an ultra-portable device. (The screen shouldn't be smaller nor should it be bigger, for portability sake.) I think that once WiFi enabled campus users and office users (who are prohibited from checking their personal email or conveniently checking their online news updates on their company computers) find that they can easily port their own personal net device (hidden in their pocket), and they start showing (off) all their co-workers and peers how easy and convenient this device truly is, it may well become an indispensable gadget, if not "near-essential, tool-of-convenience". Also, when places like Starbucks roll out their universal, essentially free WiFi services, many of their patrons can easily leave their lap tops at home and just carry their new iPod, when all they want to do is surf the net, play with email, or check their social services.

Mark, thank you so much for your fine articles.

Mark Sigal

Thanks for the kind note, Jared. Like you, I am waiting for more ubiquitous free WiFi along lines of Starbucks rollout with AT&T.

That starts to make the iPod touch more of a true mobile device versus what it is today for me: a great untethered device for home/office.

My only question wrt Apple marketing of iPhone/touch is they are usually very good at segmentation and clear messaging, yet every time I talk about the platform and misnamed iPhone SDK, I have to arm wave iPhone/iPod touch, which is a mouthful.

Hopefully, at WWDC they will re-brand as iMobile SDK or something like that.



Acai Berry

Nice bog you have here. I pretty much lurk the internet when I'm bored and read all I can about the organic lifestyle, but I really liked you view on things. I'll bookmark the site and subscribe to the feed!


happy ending

Nintendo DSi

Apple have made a damn good stategy at the moment, and there is talk of a new iPhone coming out in the summer aswell, so looks like they are going to make some more money! Good on them, their desgin has been the innovation needed in the technologies industry and long may it continue!

paul smith

Very interesting article. Thanks for putting it


Das iPhone war ein Volltreffer fuer mich, aber mit Apples normalen Computern kann ich mich nicht anfreunden.


I really found this essay insightful as well Mark.

Rick's TwypePad

Nice post, but one big and one small caveat:
1. The idea that Apple will ever "get" social networking seems far-fetched; they haven't produced anything successful in that area that I can recall.
2. I recognize that Apple are more interested in workflow than other massive companies, but on a micro-level there are all kinds of flaws, especially when you want to do something that isn't exactly like whatever Steve Jobs envisaged when the product was designed.

Mark Sigal

@Rick's TwypePad, re the social networking piece, I raised the question as it is an obvious blindspot of theirs. When you have 125M credit cards on file, offering up reams of buying behavior, how can you not provide a way to connect the dots between people with similar likes and interests? We are on the same page as to the current state of the world there, though.

As to workflow and micro-level flaws, agreed wholeheartedly, but that's like saying the united states form of democracy is the worst form of government except for all others. In other words, who does a better job there (on this scale) than Apple?

Thanks for the rich thoughts.



Great post even if outdated, to this day the iPhone still seems to be quite a revolution and mac sales are still growing...!

nike shox

As to workflow and micro-level flaws, agreed wholeheartedly, but that's like saying the united states form of democracy is the worst form of government except for all others. In other words, who does a better job there (on this scale) than Apple?

nike shox

On the one hand, it is tempting to caveat this data by noting that Apple is growing from a relatively tiny base of the PC market (they have a six percent market share).

digital caliper

Apple Ipad and now... Iphone 4 .What do you think about this year for Apple?

Mark Sigal

@digital caliper, I see app moving aggressively to expand the footprint of iOS (formerly iPhone Platform). That means Apple TV as a low-cost gaming platform/media center). That means driving iPad into new segments. That also means we could finally see different form factors of iPod touch (with camera, without). All of this creates tremendous growth opportunity but it creates platform fragmentation risk, the very thing that separates iOS from Android. I am WAY more bullish than bearish about Apple in the year ahead, and iPad is ahead of what I expected for year one of its release.



Thanks for the rich thoughts!Thank you

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