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Morten Skogly

Nice post. Looking forward to the future. There are two things I like especially about Twitter.

One is the culture of openness, a willingness to talk to strangers that I can't remember to have seen on any other network. People even arrange tweetups, meeting physically, with people they have never met before. This in my opinion is a real cultural change, and one that is very surprising to me. Many other social networks are based upon closed groups, about strengtening the group you already belong to, but for some reason twitter feels very different. The resonse one often gets on Twitter is quite amazing!

The other is the ease of consumption. Twitter is like rss, but super condensed, making it easier than ever to scan large quantities of data. The follow and friend feature of twitter is pretty much useless to me, but the realtime searches, and especially when used in clients like Twhirl where you easily jump on and off a realtime search, activate different searched for all the little things you are interested in at the time, is simply GOLD. Yes, you often get the same news item repeating itself, and there is often a little noise, but when combined with the ease of consumption of hundreds of messages in just a few turns of the scrollwheel, you soon find something worth looking at, and something guaranteed fresh to look at, and usually something IMPORTANT to look at, especially when you see something being repeated like wildfire all over the twittersphere. Twitter is in many cases a fine replacement for Google, at least when you are looking to be entertained, or need a quick news fix.

Me: http://twitter.com/mskogly

Mark Sigal

Thanks for the note, Morten. I couldn't put it any better myself.

The combination of informal, impulse based communications combined with the ability to strengthen loose ties (based on aligned interests) is a really powerful driver of real-time engagement.

As Twitter gets better at spotlighting coversational hot spots and packaging them up into contextual containers, something real disruptive has the potential to emerge, I believe.



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