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Thanks. Excellent capture of insight re: change in innovation flow. So very much a part of the times. So much a key to the resurgence of servant-leadership and destruction of the gatekeeper model.

Only other company that came to mind was the remade IBM. For a while there, I imagined NewsCorp eventually figuring out a novel mashup of some sort, but I've lost that conviction.

Would love to see a bold force coalesce around the health care bubble – holistic creative destruction. Such huge opportunities to bring consumer joy to overly painful, financially traumatic experiences. Feels like it is inevitable, although the bubble appears to have a bit more elasticity left to go. We can do better than discount clinics inside Walmart.

Best get off that tangent before it becomes a Friday night soap box. Thanks again. Always fun stopping by for a read/insight.


Some good points.

One comment: "Diversified Revenue Sources" could be across "multiple lines of business" but could also be across other dimensions. Close to my heart would be geographic diversification. Many economic situations are country-wide or regional. It happens that the current one is global, but even so, China is still growing GDP at 8%.

Mark Sigal

@scottcrawford, thanks for the thoughts. IBM is obviously an excellent company but they feel more like a high value integrator, PS organization and less a game changing product company these days. Cisco and IBM are very similar in this regards, although you are right that they probably hit many/most of the bullet points.

Re News Corporation, totally agree with you. At one point, I assumed that they would swallow old media AND new media, but it hasn't happened (IMHO, technologically, they have too many platforms, and functionally, they haven't found the 1+1=3 across units) and then there is a succession questions, as Rupert is seemingly irreplaceable.

Health disruptor...YES, but who?

Mark Sigal

@Jeremy, great point on the geo dimensions; could probably add vertical segments to that thinking as well for the reasons you flag. Thanks for adding to the piece.

Eric Chang


This is a great list. Without changing anything in content, it seems reordering the list would also prioritize it? (4, 10, 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 6, 9) or (4, 10, 3, 1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 6, 9) would be my take.

Given the premise of Built to Thrive, it seemed appropriate to favor #4 & #10.

Mark Sigal

Hi Eric,

I hadn't really thought about prioritizing the list but that's a great idea. Let me noodle on, and will update when figure out.

Thanks for the feedback.



Where does Amazon fit in this assessment? They had a great Q4 2008 when every other retailer essentially flopped.

jeff paul forum

Amazon proves to be a great services with respect to products , cash flow , cash revenues and diversification .

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