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Apple continues to grow at a Torrid pace. It is pretty amazing.

You were right on the money with the wrong narrative, faulty storyline comment. Lots and lots of folks just don't 'get' Apple.

Mark Sigal

@sfmitch, thanks for the comment. I just think that people are so hard-wired to the model of good enough and ubiquitous that it's hard for them to grok compelling, well integrated and end-to-end.




Android Google is a software company and Apple is trying to be. This will be the demise as location based advertising takes off and Apple struggles to participate.

John "Z-Bo" Zabroski

> I am reminded that when you are
> working from the wrong
> narrative, faulty storylines
> are destined to emerge.

> Worse yet, when you are
> attempting to tidily bucket the
> gravitational force of emergent
> ecosystems using simplistic and
> dated logic about markets,
> makers, consumers and value
> chains, you can’t possibly hope
> to see the full picture.

> This leads some to under-factor
> the impact and durability of
> the new market innovation, such
> as seeing Apple in terms of old
> Windows v. Macintosh paradigms,
> with the outcome pre-ordained
> (Apple has to ultimately lose,
> doesn’t it?).

Perfectly stated.

Mark Sigal

@thanks, john. "z-bo" lives! mark

location villa bali

Listening to Apple's earnings call and then absorbing the chatter across a number of technology, investing and Apple-focused sites, and finally, watching the stock go up, down and sideways, I am reminded that when you are working from the wrong narrative, faulty storylines are destined to emerge.


@ Deadzone

Apple is a software company with software enabled elegantly designed hardware.

Android Google may be a software company as you say Deadzone but it is a model that that was copiied from Apple by Eric Schmidt from Google learned as a board member of Apple.

Apple is trying to be a software company like Android Google. Funny! Very funny! Look at what Apple does and how it is all based on software wrapped in hardware - both are part of the success but the software is the magic that makes it happen.

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